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When you open ShrinkRapt, the Home page is the first thing to appear and from it you will perform most of the things you do in ShrinkRapt. If you are new to ShrinkRapt 2020, this blog post is an essential read for you. Here we will discuss adding patient, visit, and payment records plus how to print a billing statement.

How to add a patient

Below the patient list are several buttons. Find the Add button as shown below and click it to open the patient entry window. Enter the information you want on each of the pages and click Save when finished.

For a deeper explanation of what information to enter in each field, hold the cursor over the area and a help tip will appear.

Visits, payments, and more

The vertical buttons to the right of the patient list are used to add things like visits, payments, adjustments, medications and more. Hold the cursor over a button to see it’s function. As an example, if you hold the cursor over this button, a message will appear that reads “Add a visit”.

How to enter a visit

To add a patient visit, click on a patient name in the list and then click the add visit button as shown below.

The visit entry window will appear as shown below and the information you entered in the patient record when setting it up will automatically be added to the visit entry. Make any needed changes and click the Save button when finished.

Adding a payment

To add a payment, click on the patient name in the list and click the payment button (to the right of the patient list). If you need help locating the payment button, hold the cursor over the buttons to see the help tips. The payment entry window will appear with most of the information already entered. Enter a date and amount. Click the OK & Next button when finished.

Printing a statement

Now that you have enter a patient record, a visit, and a payment, let’s print a patient billing statement. To print the statement, click the Statements button in the billing area at the top of the home page as shown below.

The statements list will appear as show below. Click the Print button to send the statement to your printer. You also have the option of emailing statements to patients using ShrinkRapt. Emailing patient statements will be described in a separate blog post.

Other posts you will find helpful

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