Super and Simple

ShrinkRapt offers simple practice management solutions that range from electronic claims and importing ERAs, to printing a Super Bill.

The ShrinkRapt Super Bill/Payment Receipt is the perfect solution for the office that does not file insurance claims but wants to provide the patient with the information they need to submit their own claim as they leave the office.  In this post email we discuss how to print this SUPER functional bill/receipt in three easy steps.

1 – add a visit

2 – add a payment

3 – print a receipt

Payment Entry - Reciept Button

It doesn’t get much easier than that.  Your patient will leave the office with a professional looking receipt that provides all the information they need to submit their own insurance claim.

Patient super bill payment receipt

4 thoughts on “Super and Simple

      1. Dan – you will want to use the patient balance only statement for that. With the patient balance only statement you can display only that patient’s portion of the fee. This receipt must show the full fee so they have the information for filing an insurance claim.

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