Installed Software - Only $35/Month

Complete mental health billing software - all the features for one low price. When you choose ShrinkRapt, you control your patient information, not a cloud company where you will lose your data if you stop paying.

One Low Monthly Fee

All the billing, insurance and EMR features for one low $35 monthly fee.

ShrinkRapt is installed software.  The software and all your patient information is kept on your computer.  In other words, it is not in “the cloud”. You have complete control of the security of your software and patient information.  You do not need to rely on the internet or a cloud based company to assure your patient information is kept securely.

Here is how it works:

  • After you click to purchase a monthly subscription you will be taken to the secure PayPal site where you will choose your payment method and day of the month you want your credit card or PayPal account charged.
  • Within a few minutes you will receive an email with links to download and install ShrinkRapt to your computer. The ShrinkRapt program and all your patient information will be stored on your local computer. ShrinkRapt is not a cloud application.
  • When updates and upgrades are available, you will be alerted when you open ShrinkRapt and you can choose to download the update.  Your program will always be up to date with the newest features.

Have an older version of ShrinkRapt?  No problem, the only change is that now rather then paying for a feature packed upgrade all at once, you will pay a low monthly fee and receive new features more regularly.  Your software will always be ready to handle insurance and computer operating system changes.

Below are answers to some questions you may have:

Will ShrinkRapt run native on the Mac M2 chip?  The answer is Yes. 

What if I stop paying my monthly fee because I closed my private practice, retired, or accidentally missed a payment?  Will I still have access to ShrinkRapt and my all my patient information?  The answer is Yes. Because the ShrinkRapt program and your patient information is stored on your local computer, you will always have access to the information you need.

Have more questions?  Please email