Auto Upload Insurance Claims

ShrinkRapt creates an electronic insurance claim file that can be submitted to the claims clearinghouse of your choice. Some clearinghouses are free (Office Ally) and others, such as charge a monthly fee. If you have chosen to use, you will be able to auto update claims and download ERA payments that can be automatically imported and posted to patient accounts. Importing ERA’s will save you lots of time (which is money).

Today we will show you how to auto upload claims. In a future post we will explore  importing ERAs, a huge time saver.

Set Auto Upload Claims In Preferences

The first step to auto uploading claims is to update your settings in Preferences. To access your settings, choose Preferences from the Setup menu.

Next, click the Insurance tab to go to the Insurance page and click the check box to Auto Upload Claims to Claim.MD. You must also enter your Claim.MD User Name and Account Key on this page. Click OK to save the changes and return to the Home Page.

ClaimMD Info Entry

Prepare A Claims List

Now prepare a list of claims you want to submit to Claim.MD. When you are ready to upload the claims, click the eClaim button. Your claims will be automatically be uploaded to Claim.MD for submission to the insurance companies.

Ins Claims Auto Upload

Upload Confirmation

If the claim file upload was successful, you will receive an alert telling you the claims were uploaded and if there were problems with any of the claims. Errors

Clicking the Go To Claim.MD button will open your internet browser to the Claim.MD website where you can login and review the claims.

ClaimMD Settings

Quick Tip

If you change your settings at the website, claims without errors will be immediately submitted to the insurance companies.

To make this change at Claim.MD, follow these steps:

1.  Login to your account.
2.  Click the Account Settings tab on the left side of the window.
3.  Click the Account Settings tab at the top of the window.
4.  Remove the check from Transmit Approval Required

After making this change, your claims will automatically be submitted to the insurance companies after they have been uploaded.

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