Mental Health Billing In The Cloud

Let me get straight to the point.  ShrinkRapt will NEVER be a cloud application.  ShrinkRapt will always be an application that stores your patient bills, insurance claims, payments and notes on your local computer, where you will always be able to see them.  But… there is a way to still have the mobility of the web, without the risk of a cloud application.  I will explain more later in another post.

Why will ShrinkRapt always be a computer based application?  Because we never want to have to tell you, sorry, you stopped paying and all your patient billing and patient notes have been deleted.

At Saner Software we do not relay on cloud applications to keep our customer information or accounting data and we never will.  The information is way too important for us to risk loosing it. Yes, we do use a cloud shopping cart, but we do not rely on it to keep our order history.  We regularly download the information to the customer management program on our computers.  As long as we maintain a solid data backup plan, we will never loose customer or order information.

Wouldn’t you want the same for your patient billing and patient notes?

Recently we had to switch to a new shopping cart that offered more features.  The company we were previously using told us that they would be deleting all of our order data and it would be gone forever.  Why? Because they have no incentive to keep our info when we are not paying them. No problem for us, we have all the orders in our local computer database. Had we been relying totally on the cloud shopping cart, we would have lost all our order data. Ouch!

So about now you are probably thinking: what happens when I am using ShrinkRapt and I leave private practice or retire and stop my monthly subscription? No worries, the ShrinkRapt program, your patient billing, and notes will all remain on your computer for you to see.  You will not be able to add new records but you don’t need to, you have left private practice.

Please email if you have questions.

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  1. That is exactly why I keep your program for my billing and client records. I am responsible for keeping my computer encrypted and backed up.

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