Printing a daily or weekly appointment schedule

We all love our electronic devices, but sometimes a paper schedule or list is just more useful. The most recent ShrinkRapt update offers a new horizontal layout for printing a weekly schedule with enough room to display up to 30 appointment times for each day. This is the layout you will want to use if you see patients on a half hour interval or you schedule group sessions.

Week Schedule Horizontal Layout

To choose a schedule print layout for your practice:

  1. Go to the Home page and choose Practitioner from the Setup menu.
  2. In the Appointment Schedule area choose Landscape or Portrait from the Print Layout choices.
Practitioner Record

The portrait layout for a week’s schedule will print up to 12 appointment times.

Week’s Schedule Portrait Layout

The third option for printing a schedule is on the Day Sheet page of the scheduler. The singe day schedule printout (Day Sheet) provides more information including fee and the payment amount expected from the patient at the visit.

To print a Day Sheet:

  1. Make sure you are on the Scheduler page.
  2. Click the Day Sheet button at the top of the scheduler.
  3. Click the print button at the bottom of the Day Sheet.

The Day Sheet automatically prints in the landscape format.

Day Sheet Print Out

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