ShrinkRapt 2020 – Using Lists

In this blog we will using the listed displayed on the home page.  There are now ten lists of information for each patient or time period on the home page.  These lists provide a a great deal of information, readily available to you as needed.

The lists are visits: payments, adjustments, all transactions, visit notes, contacts, treatment plans, medications, documents and insurance authorizations.  When the home page first opens, the Visits list will be selected and all visits for the last 365 days will be displayed in reverse chronological order.  In other words, the newest date will be listed at the top.

Nav LIst First Open

If you click on a patient name in the patient list, the Visits list will change to display visits for the patient selected.  The list includes every visit for the patient.

Visits One Patient

Once a name is selected, you can click on one of the other buttons and see the selected list for that patient.  As an example, when you click the Payments button, a list of payments for the patient will be shown.

Payments One Patient.png

This process is the same to view a list of adjustments, all transactions, visit notes, phone contacts, email messages, treatment plans, stored documents, medications and insurance authorizations.  When you double click on a date in the list, the detail record will be displayed for viewing and adjustments.

Visit Entry.png

To return to the list of all items (not just a specific person), click the arrow button between the Patient list and the Visit list. To see a list of all the visits ever entered, hold down the option key and click the same arrow.

Note in the image below that if the responsible party is different than the patient, their name is highlighted in a different color for easy recognition.

Restore All Button

When you click on a row in a list (like in the visits list), the last name of the patient is automatically loaded in the Find area of the patient list, ready for you to click on it and move to the patient record in the list.

Name Moved To Find.png

When you click on the name in the find area, the patient list is reduced to patients with that last name. No need to scroll through your long list of patients. Double click the name in the Patient list to open their detail record and make changes if needed.

Single Name In List

In addition, there are many more features and functions that can be performed on each of the lists.

  • Each list can be sorted by clicking on the header in the list.  As an example, click the date header to change the list order from newest date to oldest date.  Click the Patient header to sort the list by patient name.
  • Each of the lists can also be filtered by data appropriate for the list, such as getting a list of payments from insurance companies.
  • Reduce the list to include a specific data range.
  • See total fees, payments and adjustments.  Reduce the payment list to dates from last week and easily see how much money you collected.
  • Delete, print, and create your own custom reports.
Waiting Insurance Pay

If you are not yet subscribed to ShrinkRapt,  go to the Shop menu at the top of this page and sign up now.  After paying, you will receive a link to download and start using ShrinkRapt 2020 immediately.

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