ShrinkRapt 2020 – People Lists

People lists and how to use them most efficiently is the focus of this blog post. When the Home page first opens, a list of patients is displayed. The list is sorted by last name with columns that show the balance owed and the date of the patient’s last visit.

People List - Sort Notated

There are five different lists that can be selected by clicking the buttons at the top of the list. When you click a button, the list changes and the number of people on that list is displayed below the list type.  The exception is the alert list, which always has a number when someone is on the list.

The types of people lists are:

  • Patients – any record that has the patient checkbox, checked will appear on this list. Click the Last Visit column header to sort the list by last visit date. This feature makes it easy to keep your patient list current. If you have not had a session with someone in several months, you can deactivate them using the Deactivate button at the bottom of the list.  Moving them back to the active patient list is easy should they return.
  • All People – a list of all people who have not been de-activated.  Click the All People button now and look at the names on the list.  Any person who is a responsible party and not a patient will be highlighted in blue.  
  • Birthday List – patients who have a birthday that is within plus or minus 10 days of the current date will be on this list.
  • Deactivated –  this is a list of patients and responsible parties you have chosen to deactivate.  It is easy to move someone from the deactivated to active patient list.  Just highlight the name and click the activate button to put them back on the patient list.
  • Alert List –  If you have set alerts and the time has come, the patient will appear on this list.  To remove a name from this list, double click on the name and change the alert date to 00/00/00.  The name will remain on the list until you click the Alerts button again and then it will then be removed.

It is important to note that if the patient is not responsible for their fees, the balance will show zero.  A quick way to see the name of the responsible party is click the patient name and look at the visit list on the right where you will see the name of the responsible party highlighted in red.

At the bottom of the list are buttons to add new patients, delete, de-activate, create custom reports, print a list with names and phone numbers, print a face sheet or send an email to the patient.  Go ahead and play with buttons now to see how they work,

Have questions about how to use the people lists or suggestions for how to make them better?  Send an email to  We are always listening.

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