Mental Health Billing In The Cloud

Let me get straight to the point.  ShrinkRapt will NEVER be a cloud application.  ShrinkRapt will always be an application that stores your patient bills, insurance claims, payments and notes on your local computer, where you will always be able to see them.  But... there is a way to still have the mobility of the … Continue reading Mental Health Billing In The Cloud

Auto Upload Insurance Claims

ShrinkRapt creates an electronic insurance claim file that can be submitted to the claims clearinghouse of your choice. Some clearinghouses are free (Office Ally) and others, such as charge a monthly fee. If you have chosen to use, you will be able to auto update claims and download ERA payments that can be … Continue reading Auto Upload Insurance Claims

Super and Simple

ShrinkRapt offers simple practice management solutions that range from electronic claims and importing ERAs, to printing a Super Bill. The ShrinkRapt Super Bill/Payment Receipt is the perfect solution for the office that does not file insurance claims but wants to provide the patient with the information they need to submit their own claim as they leave … Continue reading Super and Simple

Customizing Patient Statements

ShrinkRapt patient billing statements can be customized to provide your patient with the information they need, as little or as much as that might be.  To begin customizing your statements, choose Preferences from the Setup menu bar. When the Preferences window appears, click the Billing Statement ta. On this page you can select the information … Continue reading Customizing Patient Statements